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Aircraft Acquisition

Finding the right aircraft is a time consuming and involved process. Air Appraisal Company can make the process easy for you by acting as your purchasing agent. We will do all of the legwork and provide the best possible options - you make the decisions.

Why Air Appraisal Company?

  • Because Air Appraisal Company specializes in aircraft values, we are able to provide you with the advantage of knowledge of the most recent market trends for the specific aircraft model that you are seeking. We will negotiate the best purchase price possible armed with the most recent market data.
  • We have access to the entire market for the specific aircraft model that you wish to purchase, including aircraft that may not be publicly listed.
  • You will be working with an agent who is also an Accredited Senior Appraiser with ASA, as well as a Senior Appraiser with the NAAA. Although we will not be acting in the capacity of “appraiser” for this service, it does guarantee that a professionally trained aircraft appraiser will be representing your interests when selecting an aircraft based on current market conditions. This is an advantage not offered through most brokerages.
  • We don’t accept "kickbacks" or finder’s fees from seller’s brokers. Our fees are paid solely by you, our client. This insures that your interests are protected without bias.
  • We take pride in our work. Our goal is to earn your business as a long term client, and we will go the extra mile to make that happen.

What Air Appraisal Company Will Do For You (Buyer):

  • Help you to determine the proper aircraft based on your specific needs:
    • Seating Capacity
    • Range
    • Operating Costs(Fixed/Variable)
    • Price
    • Resale
  • Search the market for all available aircraft, both listed and unlisted
  • Perform a Certified Appraisal on selected aircraft
    • Provides bargaining power
    • Reveals how realistic the asking price is
    • Allows you to reference NAAA, Bluebook, VREF, and Comparable Values
  • Negotiate Purchase Price and Conditions of Sale
  • Arrange for and monitor the Pre-Purchase Inspection
    • Reputable and independent maintenance facility
  • Schedule and plan for the Closing and Delivery
  • Ensure all paperwork is complete and properly filed with the FAA
  • Recommend or arrange for any additional services relating to the operation of your new aircraft:
    • Aircraft management company
    • Pilots
    • Flight instruction
    • Insurance
    • Maintenance


We offer a flat rate fee depending on the aircraft category that you intend to purchase. Our fees are not based on sale price! This ensures that your interests are protected during the negotiation process. We will work hard to negotiate the best purchase price possible. Contact us for a no obligation quote.